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About Me

Hello! I'm Shubham, a junior developer currently enrolled in Civil Engineering at IIT Roorkee.

I developed a passion for development in my freshmen year and since then most of my time goes into reading and writing software. I am also an active Open Source contributer and contributed under many large Open Source organisation like Zulip, Mozilla.

I am a member of SDSLabs, a technical group of computer science enthusiasts in our campus, where I have worked in teams on various development projects. I have mentored junior undergrads for the same and developed many new applications while maintaining several old ones. Regarding coding style, I document my code and leave necessary comments wherever required. I always do consider the fact that someone might have to read my code in the future. I try to make the most out of my time by exploring the latest technological advancements.

Experiences gained

Software Engineer @ Triomics

June 2022 - Present
  • Oversaw the development of all web-based frontend applications and 2 Flutter applications.
  • Migrated all frontend applications from Webpack to Vite, decreasing build time by 74%.
  • Built browser extensions to assist external data capture integrations.

Other Noteworthy Projects

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Twitter Blind

A Chrome extension that delivers a bias-free social media experience. With Twitter Blind, you can enjoy a more objective feed, free from the influence of user identities. It replaces user profiles with random details, revealing the true identity only when you interact with the post.

  • Chrome Extension
  • React
Folder is a completely automated voting API based on Azure Blockchain that means to serve as a reliable platform for conducting secure online polls/elections. It is made during the Microsoft CodeFunDo++ hackathon in which our team placed 2nd position overall. For a working demo, checkout this video

  • Blockchain
  • NodeJS
  • IOT

Zeronet is an AI-powered tic-tac-toe game that presents four modes to the user to cover every possible way to play the game. The game is enriched with features such as move recommendation, exclusive AI vs AI game mode, and a sleek UX.

  • Golang
  • VueJs
  • SCSS
Book Nation

A book finder web app to help peoples find the content of their taste during this quarantine period. This web-app uses ReactJS framework for frontend and Google Books API for fetching the results. Apart from this, it uses SASS preprocessor for writing efficient CSS.

  • ReactJS
  • SCSS
  • Google Books API

A CLI based tool that fetches/send messages from/to slack and can manage your TODOs in todoist. It uses oauth2 for authentication in various services.

  • Golang
  • Slack API
  • Todoist API

A tower defense game multiplayer game in AR (clone of famous game clash-royale). It uses Google ARCore for a smooth markerless AR experience, Cloud Anchors to enable shared AR between multiple devices and a UDP server for real-time multiplayer.

  • Unity
  • C#
  • UDP

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